$TITS: The Cryptocurrency Saving Women


1. Cryptoccurrencies and the Future
2. Why you should invest in Crypto right now
3. Tits: Overview
4. Our Intentions
5. Saving Women’s Lives
6. Why Tits
7. Your Investment is Safe
8. Metrics: Tokenomics and Trajectory
9. Price
10. We’re Answerable to Breast Cancer Research Facilities
11. Conclusion

Cryptocurrencies and the Future

The world has gone digital. So much that it can no longer be called just a revolution; for this is beyond the description of revolutions as we know it. Why do we say that? In the early 2000s, it was unheard of that anything could live merely on the cloud. Now? Work, play, money... Everything, and EVERYONE... is quickly finding its place digitally. And the metrics show that its adoption is growing exponentially.

Going by the current trajectory, money will soon purely be a digital asset. And Cryptocurrencies, they will be the leading assets in the digital asset space. Who knew that the “impossible idea” invented Satoshi Nakamoto which has made room for much wider range of transactions over the cloud would catch on so fast. Absolutely NO ONE. Since it has though, don’t get FOMO!

A fresh batch of wealthy people, and a redefinition of the meaning of wealth is happening right this second. Crypto is the future... In the next 50 years, paper money will no longer exist. All the assets we so cherish right now? Very few would still retain value in the future.

Why You Should Invest in Crypto Right Now

If you don’t already know, we should tell you that the cryptocurrency space is blooming. Maybe it was the emergence of COVID-19 last year, but the prices of major crypto coins has put the stock market to shame. Now, the ALT Coins are following suit. Take Bitcoin for example: its price went from $4,000 to $14,000 in 2019 alone (more than triple). 2 years later, it has crushed the $50,000 mark.

That’s exactly why you should take the initiative to buy TITS coin now. Although the value of the major coins have skyrocketed, there’s no telling how much more it will! In fact, experts predict that Bitcoin will hit the $100,000 mark in 2021! Piece of cake if you ask me. Lets be honest, owning a whole bitcoin is a dream for many, but now quickly becoming an impossible task. You may have already missed Bitcoin. Don’t miss TITS Coin.

An Overview of $TITS

Tits is a coin dedicated to crypto lovers around the world who encourage breast cancer awareness and the enhancement or correction done by breast augmentation. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and the second most common cancer overall. As a matter of fact, A WOMAN HAS HIGHER CHANCES OF DYING FROM BREAST CANCER THAN ANY OTHER ILLNESS.

Let that sink in.

Join 100+ Holders of Tits Coin, the FIRST Breast Cancer Awareness charity coin on the Binance Smart Chain.

In regard to breast implants, lifts, reductions for cosmetic reasons, it has become a growing trend in our society.

Our mission is to:
• Provide funding for research to put an end to breast cancer
• Promote breast cancer awareness amidst our youth
• Raise awareness of risk factors associated with breast augmentation (implants and lifts) as well as the advantages in some cases of having breast reduction surgery.

How Do We Intend to Do All This?

Simple. We donate. At the moment we have a number of recipient charity organizations Dedicated to breast Cancer research. We’re doing our best, but we also have to admit...


We have a dream... that there will be a time when breast cancer will be a myth. That time is coming.

We’re Saving our Women’s Lives

We’ve mentioned death in women more than 5 times in this paper. We want to reiterate how many women are affected, and the risk associated. Breast cancer accounts for 1 in 4 of diagnosed cancers in women. There’s an estimated 2.3 million new cases, indicating that one in every 8 cancers diagnosed in 2020 was breast cancer.

In 2020, there were an estimated 684,996 deaths from breast cancer.

Get the point?

These aren’t just numbers. They were mothers sisters, grandmothers, aunts, wives,… something has to be done.

Why Tits?

In addition to saving lives, TITS coin is a lucrative investment. How are we making sure that you will have the most value for your money in the coming years? It’s simple.

We reward the holding community. Every time someone sells, people who have TITS in their wallets get 3% of what was sold. Multiply that by almost 500,000 transactions a day over a year, and that number is sure to compound.

Your Investment is Safe

The most important thing you should know before plunging your resources... the question anyone asks before investing in new Crypto coins, really... is that we’re here to stay.

We are an internationally audited brand in the crypto space. We will not rugpull. It is listed on Pancakeswap, where it has gotten over 100 holders to date. Those numbers are not slowing down at all! In the next year, we aim to hit 10 million holders with at least a 20% increase in value.

Metrics: Tokenomics and Trajectory

If you’re familiar with Crypto Tokenomics, we’ll just give you the numbers.

$TITS Tokenomics

• Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion $TITS
• Initial Burn: 50% of $TITS sent to dead wallet (500 Trillion $TITS)
• Circulating Supply: 500 Trillion $TITS
• Marketing Supply: 10 Trillion $TITS
• Market Cap: $896k
• Liquidity Pool: 350 Trillion $TITS
• Airdrop to V1 Holders: 15 Trillion $TITS

Burn link:

95% LP Lock-Up in DxSale:

For each transaction, 3% is distributed back to $TITS holders

For each transaction, 3% is distributed back to charity

For each transaction, 2% is deposited back into BNB/TITS pool on Pancake Swap

For each transaction, 2% is distributed to the marketing fund

For those who aren’t interested in the technical jargon, here is a break down of what it means NOW and in the FUTURE.


The actual price of $TITS coins, like every other coin, fluctuates based on demand and supply of the market. Scarcity increases prices of commodities. Well, with 50% of our holdings burned, there’s always a limited supply of $TITS coins. That means that prices are aimed upwards.

We’re Answerable to Breast Cancer Research Facilities

3% of every buy, sell, and transfer is distributed to charity.

As the value of the Liquidity Pool increases, that number will increase astronomically, meaning more money donated.


Now that you know everything, what’s your decision? Judging by the sudden increase of coins in the recent past, stakeholders have learned to join coins with promise. Almost every crypto coin started with less than $1B. Tits has over $2B. But that’s not the point. We have one main goal.

We want to rid women of breast cancer once and for all.